All parts on this page are Brand New, and unused, and usually in stock in at AME Marine chandlery in Boat Lagoon, Phuket.  Normal Warranty conditions apply, and can be checked with the staff in our Chandlery.  Click on images below for full-size picture.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices shown are net (excl.VAT@7%).



Ref: EL-0005

Underwater LED Spotlight (Blue beam)

100' depth rated

Part No: XIL-U40B Subaqua

Lumens: 700 +

Input voltage: 11 - 32 volts DC    Current draw: < 1 amp.

Weight: 1.4 lbs

LED power: 3 watts each (x 4).    LED lifespan: 50,000+ hours

manufacturer: VisionX (USA)


This high-intensity, low current-draw, surface-mounted LED Spotlight is intended for transom mounting or similar, below the waterline, and casts a very strong blue beam.
Die-cast Aluminium housing 4.15" x 4.15" x 1.25"). Located at: AME Marine, Boat Lagoon

price:  14,500 baht

Ref: EL-0006

High Intensity LED Navigation lamp (white)

Part No: 14.221.28
Output: 25 watt
Input: 10 - 32 volts dc
10,000 hr life rating
High intensity LED white nav light, with standard bayonet fitting to replace old-style incandescent lamps. Vibration proof. Very low current draw.

Sale price: 1650 baht.

Ref: EL-0008

High Power LED Worklight.

Output: (equivalent 200 watt Halogen)
Part No: LED BL01
Input: 11 - 40 volts DC
Current Draw: 0.5 Amps

Sale price: 7,500 baht

High Intensity LED lamp (white)

Part No: G450128B1
Output: 15 watt
Input: 10 - 32 volts dc
50,000 hr life rating
High intensity LED white lamp. Very low current draw.

Sale price: 685 baht.

High Intensity LED Floodlight

Part No: LED BL01
Output: 6 watts, 500 Lumens
input :  11 - 40 v DC
Current Draw: 0.5 Amps
A nice quality compact floodlight, excellent for engine rooms or other places where good light is essential for maintenance and safety.

Sale price:  2950 baht



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